XOLO / LeapIN e-Residency Estonian Company – €100 Discount/Coupon Code ‘FORGEMASTERY’

If you have been following ForgeMastery for some time, you will have seen my reviews of the Estonian accounting service provider Xolo (formerly called LeapIN).

Xolo LeapIN Discount Coupon Code

I’ve been using them ever since I started my Estonian company and have done tutorials showing their dashboard, reviews about the service they provide and recent updates.

Here are some of those articles:

I have recommended Xolo for no reason other than being a satisfied customer myself.

Recently, someone from their team got in touch with me and told me that new customers kept mentioning the ForgeMastery YouTube videos when signing up with them.

XOLO e-Residency Estonia Coupon Code

As a result, they are offering a discount/coupon code.

If you sign up with Xolo, simply use code FORGEMASTERY’ and instantly, you save a whopping €100.

Xolo €100 Coupon / Discount Code

In addition to the code that Xolo is offering, I am throwing in a bonus of my own.

If you’ve been using FORGEMASTERY when signing up with Xolo, you can forward your receipt to me and receive an additional bonus.