XOLO.io Estonia Review – How Good Are They REALLY? [SCREENSHOTS INSIDE]

You get your e-Residency ID card, then you can start an Estonian company. To start your Estonian company – to set everything up – and do the monthly accounting, you can use a trusted service provider.

XOLO (formerly known as LeapIN) is the e-Residency service provider I have been using for the last 3 years.

I have used them to set up my Estonian company and have been with them ever since.

Now, I don’t want to repeat myself because I have covered my experience with them previously, I have done video reviews of their customer dashboard, all its features, the pros and cons.

Xolo Go LeapIN Estonia

What I will cover today is something slightly different but equally as important: XOLO Customer Support

In other words, my experience whenever I had a question and sent them an email.

Did they reply to my questions? How long did it take for me to receive an answer? Was the response satisfactory, or a generic copy & paste reply?

XOLO Customer Support
– My 3 Year Experience

If you have a question in terms of accounting, or need something more general, getting an answer quickly is important.

In most cases, how quickly you get an answer can mean you are either losing or making money. Perhaps you are looking to implement some change to your existing online business and need that reply, that information, to act quickly.

However, it’s not always about money – sometimes it’s about emotions.

I’ve been with other service providers before, and sometimes had to wait an entire week for a reply.

I was unsure about a certain issue I was dealing with and let me tell you having to wait multiple days, or an entire week is very, very uncomfortable.

Compare that to getting your question answered right away and not having to deal with that very uncomfortable uncertainty of not knowing.

Over the last 3 years, there have only been a handful of times when I got in touch with XOLO customer support. That’s because XOLO has a very extensive FAQ section which covers most topics.

Keep in mind, this FAQ section/information base is only visible to logged in customers.

In addition, almost everything in terms of accounting is either very straight-forward or automated anyway.

So, let’s get into the interest part:

In those instances in which I did have a question, what was their response time? How long did I have to wait for a reply?

XOLO Response Time
– The Breakdown

In order to analyze exactly how good XOLO’s customer support was, I’ve decided to look at all previous email exchanges and analyze each one individually.

These are all the emails from XOLO (formerly LeapIN). I have pixelated all the nonessential, personal information such as the person I was talking to.

XOLO e-Residency Email Support

Next, I have made sure to only look at the non-automated email exchanges.

Any email which was automated, such as a notification, or an update, was not taken into account.

XOLO Estonia Support e-Residency

Next, I have opened each email conversation and put the response time of each exchange into a spreadsheet.

I have done that for every single email exchange since 2017 (over 3 years worth of data).

XOLO Response Time Customer

Three years is a long enough period of time to offer statistically-significant insights into the actual response time as opposed to how quickly customer service would respond during the first week or month.

This response time analysis IS NOT 100% perfect because I didn’t factor in the actual business hours of XOLO.

Honestly, that would’ve been too much work so I decided to only filter out weekends, which might have skewed results.

In other words, if I’ve sent an email on Friday afternoon and received a reply on Monday morning, I treated Monday as the next day because XOLO doesn’t operate on weekends.

XOLO.io Review Estonia

Also, I didn’t differentiate between a simple question and something more complex, so keep that in mind.

  • The BEST response time was 19 MINUTES
  • The LONGEST response time was 1 DAY
  • The *AVERAGE response time was 9 HOURS 20 MINUTES

*The average response time based on 14 email inquires over the course of 3 years.


Honestly, I think those results are pretty good. It’s very rare that you’ll ever be in a situation in which you would need a reply in less than a day.

And if you are and make that clear in the email (that it is in fact very urgent), I’m sure that email would be prioritized.

Let’s quickly recap what you can expect if you choose XOLO as your accounting service provider.

  • You’ll pay a very reasonable fee of €99 per month (lowest plan).
  • 99% of accounting is fully automated. My active work is less than 5 minutes per month thanks to bank account, PayPal & TransferWise being fully integrated into the XOLO dashboard and syncing once per day.
  • Based on my experience over the course of 3 years, you get a reply to your question(s) in 9 hours (AVERAGE), in some cases in less than 1 HOUR (see response time stats above).

The fact that I only had 14 email inquiries over the course of 3 years shows the following:

1.) The automated system works. There is very little manual work required, everything is either automated already or easy to understand.

2.) Most other questions are answered in XOLOs FAQ section, making most email inquiries redundant.

XOLO Estonia UPDATE 2020

I have just been notified that Xolo has updated its pricing for new customers.

When I first signed up in 2017 there was only one active plan, later on they added Xolo Go and now there are four different plans to choose from.

Xolo Estonia Plans

For most, the Leap PRO plan will be enough since it offers various integrations (Transferwise, PayPal, Stripe) and that’s good enough for most people.

The Growth plan would be for people who have more than 25 transaction per integration per month … although in such a case it’s probably better to use a payment gateway with a weekly/monthly payout schedule to reduce the number of individual transactions.

XOLO + ForgeMastery

Lastly, if you decide to use XOLO for your Estonian company (which I highly recommend), you can get started right here!

Xolo Estonia e-Residency Dashboard