Vitaly Uncensored GF Strikes CL Final – [ BEHIND THE MONEY MACHINE ]

Vitaly’s girlfriend just ran on the pitch during the UEFA Champions League final in Madrid.

While the average person probably assumes this was all just for fun or a dare – it got me thinking about their money making strategy.

That’s what it is.

If you strike at major sporting events over and over and over again – it’s a calculated publicity stunt – and we can only assume one that is well worth the potential risks.

Vitaly Uncensored Girlfriend Champions League Final

Instead of working a 9-5 job for 40+ years, should you plan something similar? Set up your own video site, strike at the World Cup and be set for life?

[Disclaimer: Please don’t. This article is just a thought experiment.]

I will (try to) answer that question – plus, my estimate in regards to how much Vitaly made from that stunt.

Let’s start at the beginning ….

What Is Vitaly Uncensored?

If you go to his website, you don’t get much information in regards to what’s inside the members area.

That’s the first important component of such a publicity stunt: RUMORS + CONTROVERSY

Vitaly Uncensored

You see, if the website specifically stated what you get to see, most people wouldn’t be interested.

Since information is spare, rumors start spreading.

People are curious and many – I assume – sign up because they hope to get to see XXX videos. Does Vitaly have sex with his girlfriend on his site? After all, the website says NO RULES.

Without having signed up to the site, I can tell you my guess: NO.

There are no sex videos, but the concept works because people are curious.

There’s nothing else on the site. No blog, no other videos. To receive any additional content, you HAVE to sign up, or leave the site …

You can join for $9.99 per month.

This payment renews every 30 days until cancelled.

The price is very low, so my assumption is that a good percentage of the members will simply forget about the membership and will continue to be charged for years on end.

$9.99 per month is just low enough to go unnoticed.

Vitaly Girlfriend UEFA Champions League Final

Let’s look at the prerequisites for the entire stunt.

You really don’t need much, expect for a ticket to the Champions League Final. That can easily cost you $1,000+ … but who cares if you end up netting $100k or more?

Oh, and you need a membership site.

Ideally one that is a bit controversial.

There were probably other costs, such as accommodation in Madrid (where the Champions League Final took place), so I am only covering the basics here.

That’s pretty much it. Takes a lot of balls, but not a lot of time or work.

In regards to the videos you put behind the paywall, it could be anything.

In your terms and conditions, you can clearly state that there’s no X-rated content or nudity. Most people will overlook that part anyway and be too curious to see what’s inside.

Vitaly Uncensored: The Unknown

There’s a lot that I don’t know about the publicity stunt.

Whether or not a lawyer was consulted prior to find out about possible legal ramifications/fines.

The location of the event plays an important role. For example, I wouldn’t try doing this during the next World Cup Final in Qatar.

Whether or not the website is actually his or if he is just a partner (the face) of the company and receives payment – much like a movie studio hires an actor.

I personally know people who have done similar publicity stunts AKA being controversial or trolling mainstream media.

Their exposure was only regional and very limited and even they ended up making $10,000 per week from that.

The UEFA Champions League Final was watched by 160+ million (!) people, add to that hundreds of newspapers and websites reporting about Vitaly’s girlfriend streaking the game.

All in all, I am assuming the exposure ended up netting him at least $500,000 – and that’s a very conservative estimate.

That number is just the short-term monetary reward. There’s also Instagram followers (both for Vitaly and his girlfriend), YouTube subscribers, views and ad revenue and lastly, email subscribers (via the website subscriptions).

The real monetary reward of streaking the CL final is probably well over $1 million US dollars.

What Are the Risks?

In regards to the legal ramifications, it depends on the jurisdiction. I am no lawyer. In this specific case, the consequences were probably no more than being detained for a few hours and being escorted out of the stadium.

As I am writing this, his GFs Instagram account is not available. Supposedly,  it had been hacked.

Kinsey Wolanski Instagram

Here’s what I think the REAL RISKS are …

1.) That your website can’t handle the influx of visitors and crashes during the peak, which means you’ll miss out on a lot of revenue.

2.) Your payment processor, such as PayPal, bans your account. With controversial website, this is not uncommon.

Lastly, don’t do what they have done 🙂 For legal reasons, I need to say this.