Verify Text Message / Phone Number Online – FREE SERVICES DON’T WORK

If you want to maintain your privacy, or operate a location-independent online business where you travel a lot, then phone verification and dealing with confirmation codes can be a big hassle.

You want to sign up for Amazon AWS, or simply verify your WhatsApp – now you need a valid phone number to receive the text verification.

Google the search terms ‘receive SMS free online’ and you’ll find hundreds of sites that offer such a service for free.

Well, that is until you actually test them and find out that 99% of the numbers either don’t work or have been blocked.

WhatsApp Number Banned Verification

In short: Those free text message confirmation services don’t work and are a waste of time. You would have to go through hundreds of them to find one valid phone number.

… or you simply pay 70 cents (USD) and get the job done within minutes.

That’s what I did. I have been using

Verify Text SMS Online

Please note that I am not affiliated with them, nor do I receive compensation.

I simply like how well the service works and know that verifying my phone number online would otherwise be a hassle.

Verify Amazon Phone Number

If for whatever reason the service or app you are using doesn’t accept the number provided by TextVerified, they will offer a refund.

US Phone Numbers Only

One thing to keep in mind is that this service offers US phone numbers only. That’s not an issue as you can register any service by using a US-based phone number.

As such, they recommend you have a US IP address when going through the verification process. For this purpose, you can use this VPN to get a US IP address (also useful for many other purposes).