TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) – My Journey 2019

328 ng/dl.

Finally, I had received the lab results to confirm what I had suspected all along: Low Testosterone.

The last few months, I’ve noticed my quality of life dropping. Not a sudden drop but rather slowly going downhill.

The reason I got this Testosterone blood test in the first place was because the symptoms of Low Testosterone became almost unbearable.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I would take a 200mg caffeine pill and then have a window of about an hour during which I would function OK.

OK doesn’t mean optimal and it simply meant I was getting a bit of work done. Either that or I could use that hour to go to the gym.

Either way, after that hour, it was GAME OVER.

When I say, GAME OVER, I mean it.

I would spend the rest of the day lying in bed watching YouTube videos or sleeping. I would always be in a state in which I couldn’t focus on anything, was super tired but not tired enough to actually go to sleep.

Nothing would get me out of that state.

The diet I was (and am currently) following was very healthy already. I was taking additional supplements such as a multivitamin, Vitamin C, Magnesium …

There was no obvious reason for me to feel that way. I was working out regularly; on paper (blood test), I looked healthy (except Low T).

I also noticed that taking stimulants (caffeine) started to work less and less to the point at which sometimes I would take 300mg caffeine and go right to sleep.

TRT – Should I Really Do It?

The day after I got the lab test back, I knew I had to take action.

Still, going on Testosterone Replacement Therapy isn’t an easy decision. It (usually) is a lifetime commitment.

In the years prior to that, I had given it a thought but eventually decided against starting TRT. After all, things were not THAT bad.

This time, it was different. I had reached my personal threshold.

I had a few realization in the following days:

#1 – Low Energy = Losing $$$

Low Testosterone Symptoms

This was the primary reason for me to start TRT.

Every day that I am performing at 30%, I am literally wasting my potential in terms of income, making progress in the gym and enjoyment of life.

I knew that I was in this low energy state (feeling like a 105 year old) for the last 2 years, yet, still I was able to build an entirely passive online business from scratch netting me over $10,000+ per month.

I was thinking, ‘Holy cow! I have achieved that while feeling like absolute crap, what’s possible if I perform at my best?’

#2 – Testosterone Levels in Men By Age

Testosterone Levels by Age

Testosterone Levels are only going to drop as I age.

Meaning, TRT is inevitable anyway if I want to feel energetic and reap all the benefits of optimal testosterone levels.

Looking at it this way, I realized the question was not whether or not I should start Testosterone Replacement Therapy, but rather when.

#3 – Top 1% Body Not Realistic

Benefits High Testosterone

I don’t think I’ll ever be happy being average.

Whether that’s in regards to lifestyle, online business or my physique.

I just can’t talk myself into being average (trust me, I have tried). I want to tap my full potential.

To be clear, I don’t want to be a massive bodybuilder, but I am not OK with having an average body with little muscle mass either.

Prior to starting TRT, I had also met with a professional bodybuilder to hear what he has to say and find out what (in his opinion) is possible as a natural athlete. (I trust his opinion; he himself looks great and has coached hundreds of naturals and enhanced athletes.)

This is when I learned that a truly great physique (top 1%) just isn’t possible unless you are a true genetic freak.

I am no genetic freak, which means floating around in the ‘normal’ Testosterone range, I’m not ever going to have a great body.

I know this because in the years prior, my diet and training had always been on point. I was taking the right supplements to close any possible deficiencies. Sleep was good.

Yet, still, I wasn’t able to put on any muscle or make progress in terms of lifting heavier weights in the gym. Any weight gain (however slow it was) would go directly to my belly area.

The only thing for me to change and expect drastic changes from that was left was my hormones: Testosterone.

TRT Week #1

  • Starting at 125mg Testosterone Enanthate/week (62.5mg per Injection) SAT/WED (+ together with HCG)
  • Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin Injection ONCE PER MONTH

The tiredness I was experiencing was gone right away.

I wasn’t tired anymore. I could get work done, go to the gym and wouldn’t even need coffee or music to motivate me. This was really profound.

During the day when walking around I didn’t yawn (as I’d usually do), or feel really exhausted mentally. I felt good, steady energy.

I would also say that I was more emotionally resilient. In the sense that I wouldn’t overthink, ruminate too much or be emotional about petty things, such as feeling like I am missing out on something, wondering if others are having more fun/a better time …

In the last few years, I literally couldn’t get myself to go to the gym or work out more than a few minutes without consuming a large amount of coffee first.

These were the first profound changes I’ve noticed right away. And these were things that clearly weren’t subjective.

The things that were subjective: very little rumination or negative thoughts. Feeling more positive.

Before the first injection, the clinic I went to did another blood test to get my baseline. Turns out my Testosterone was actually 580 (just a few days after a blood test that showed 328).

I was confused as to how this could possibly be?
Are the Testosterone tests inaccurate?

The doctor explained that I also have high prolactin. Ideal is 10-12; mine was at 25. Prolactin is a barometer of stability of the system. High prolactin, as the doctor said basically means one day I am feeling good, the next day not so much.

Testosterone can be 580 one day, then 328 the next day. Massive ups and downs. Still, even if it were steadily at 580, that wouldn’t be good enough for me and what I expect from myself.

To get my prolactin down, I had to take Cabergoline.

By the way, high prolactin also means you have a longer refractory period after sex.

Anyway, this was my first week on Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

TRT Week #2

On the last day of the first week, I noticed that some of the symptoms I was complaining about had come back.

Definitely not at full force but I noticed a slight increase in rumination and generally not feeling as positive as during the 6 days prior to that.

It could’ve been random.

Perhaps sleep was off?
Perhaps the intense leg workout the day before?

However, if it really were related to sleep or external circumstances, it would be a bit odd – for the reason that I didn’t sleep much the first week and generally felt great nonetheless.

Anyway, I will continue to keep track of changes.

Masturbation and Testosterone

At the beginning of week 2, I came across the topic of NoFap and semen retention and did further research.

The following comment sparked my curiosity:

Testosterone Masturbation Semen Retention

What’s interesting about this comment is that it was posted by a guy who had done steroids in the past and knows what supernatural Testosterone levels feel like.

In other words, this isn’t coming from some scientist doing a study; this is based on first-hand experience.

Notice the ‘super boost your Testosterone levels‘?

I’ve tested this and found that on day 3, the sexual arousal (horniness) became so unbearable that I had to ejaculate.

The normal NoFap ‘protocol’ would be to simply refrain from masturbation/ejaculation.

The super-boosting-Testosterone protocol (mentioned in the comment above) says you should masturbate or have sex but refrain from ejaculation.

That’s precisely what I did.

Here’s the good and the bad:

  • Decreased rumination. I didn’t overthink or ponder about irrelevant things.
  • Felt very calm, particularly in public/when being around other people.
  • In terms of gym performance, muscle soreness or productivity, I noticed no difference. I’d say in terms of productivity the sex drive was a real issue due to distraction. All I was thinking about was having sex with a girl.

Given enough practice, I guess the increased sex drive can be channeled as to not be a distraction.

Sex Drive IS NOT Testosterone

Of course, there is a connection between sex drive and testosterone but it’s not as simple as saying high testosterone equals high sex drive or vice versa.

You see this a lot in NoFap communities.

Guy doesn’t masturbate for a few days, feels higher sex drive and attributes it to heightened testosterone.

If you research ‘masturbation testosterone‘, you find studies stating that masturbation does not affect testosterone levels.

Other studies claim that abstinence can increase testosterone, but that T levels go back to their baseline after day 7.

TRT Week #3

Noticing higher than usual sex drive, but that could just be a normal fluctuation.

I’ve noticed that sex drive is higher on an empty stomach – not sure, it might just be that digestion requires a lot of energy/blood flow and sex drive is automatically put on the back-burner.

Right before I received the first Testosterone shot of week #3, a blood test was done.

Total testosterone turned out to be at 1251 ng/dL (which is just outside the normal range).

Total Testosterone Blood Test

Estradiol (E2) is also optimal at 26.9 pg/mL

Estradiol should be kept in the 20-25 pg/mL range, otherwise you might experience some nasty side effects such as acne outbreaks, mood swings or weight gain.

Estradiol E2 Blood Test

Does Estradiol Cause Gyno?

High Estradiol (E2) can cause gynecomastia, but the same can be said about high prolactin. My doctor has said that by keeping Estradiol in check, you also automatically control your prolactin.

That might be the case with most men, but didn’t apply in my situation. My Estradiol was already in the normal range, yet prolactin was out of range.

I used to think that gynocomastia can happen so quickly that you can wake up the morning and realize it’s already too late.

I can only talk about my experience, but that’s totally not the case at all. First, you notice increased nipple sensitivity; at worst a minor burning sensation.

At that point, you can still take action and no damage is done (yet). Lower Estradiol and it’ll all be good.

Anyway, back to the Testosterone test results I mentioned …

The fact that my Testosterone levels were measured right before I got another shot of Testosterone Enanthate is reason to believe that my testosterone levels were much higher in the days prior.

When you inject Testosterone, plasma levels rise quickly only to drop steadily in the days after.

This drop is why another injection is required to keep plasma levels somewhat stable.

Testosterone Enanthate InjectionWhen it comes to injectable Testosterone, there are different esters you can choose from.

  • Testosterone Enanthate
  • Testosterone Cypionate
  • Testosterone Proprionate
  • Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone is Testosterone, however, the ester dictates how quickly the Testosterone is being released to the body.

As is the case with many other drugs, there are versions of the exact same compound with quick or slow release.

The faster-acting the ester, the more frequent the injections should be.

Testosterone Enanthate Bayer Schering AG

I am using 125mg of Testosterone Enanthate per week – injected twice per week (62.5mg each time).

Can TRT Save Both Time & Money?

My first month on TRT is $440.

That price includes everything – from the injections, to ancillaries and blood tests. I expect the monthly costs to drop sharply in the months after.

Once I am dialed in, I should be able to do this without a TRT clinic. Simply get a Testosterone prescription from my doctor and buy Testosterone from the pharmacy.

That would probably bring costs down to ~$150 per month, which isn’t too bad. If that means that I am getting better results in the gym, am slight more productive and generally feel more positive, then I see the net positive.

TRT Body Composition

For the first time since I’ve started TRT, I have recorded a video of my current physique – mainly to track progress.

Right now, I am trying to put on size and since progress has been slow over the last few months, I am drastically increasing calories. Clean food (except post workout sugars); but I eat as much and as frequently as I can.

The current plan is to look great around June 2019. That means the current bulk continues until March 2019, then I start cutting.

This is to solidify any muscle gained. If I do a shorter bulk and then a cut, it’s more likely that I’ll lose that newly gained muscle.

Workout style remains the same. 5-6 sets with 8 repetitions each per body-part; first 2 sets are hardcore at 100%. Warm-up is gradual and doesn’t count towards working sets.

TRT Week #4

Not sure why but for the 1st shot of the 4th week no AI (Aromatase inhibitor) was given.

(UPDATE: Doctors said AI is no longer required as my E2 is optimal.)

I will continue TRT for another 2 months (total 3 months) than assess the situation in regards to how I feel & progress in the gym (body-wise) – then come up with a plan on how to move forward.

Mental Clarify & Focus

This is the most important ability – every part of life should be modified to serve this one purpose. Mental clarify & focus is what allows me to:

  • Be motivated to hit the gym hard
  • Work on my online business and make great progress
  • Take control of my life & minimize distractions; move ahead quickly

TRT & Dopamine Sensitivity/Rush

I noticed that during the first week on TRT, I probably felt the best in terms of energy and focus. Very little caffeine was needed to keep me going all day long.

One theory is that dopamine (the reward chemical) follows testosterone.

Testosterone is high, dopamine is high. With natural testosterone production, you have ups & downs – as such you would probably notice the dopamine fluctuations.

With Testosterone Replacement Therapy, there are no hourly fluctuations and (depending on injection frequency) plasma levels are pretty steady. – Keep in mind, this is just a theory in regards to testosterone and dopamine.

Maybe it was the initial spike in Testosterone. Maybe it was the Vitamin B12 injection. Maybe it was a combination of both and somewhat of a placebo effect?

Anyway, I will continue to monitor this – especially after I get another Vitamin B12 injection. [UPDATE: In the meantime, I have received another 2 Vitamin B12 injections, yet I didn’t feel as I did during the first week. I am still feeling good, but that first week might have been an anomaly for reasons other than Vitamin B12.]

Increase Testosterone (TRT) Dosage?

This is the million dollar question.

Do I reap great benefits in terms of muscle growth and fat loss from the current dosage (125mg/week) or should I increase?

Plus, how high are my testosterone levels really? Knowing that they were at 1251 ng/dL right before the injection – where were they at in the days before?

Daily Cialis To Increase Testosterone

I’ve been recommended to take 5mg of Cialis daily for health and anti-aging purposes. It increases blood-flow and perfusion in the organs (and as such also in the testicles).

Apcalis Cialis Thailand

Cialis also improves the testosterone-estrogen ratio and gives you a better pump in the gym.

The only thing I notice (acutely) is more frequent and stronger erections.

I’d also say that it makes me last much longer – almost to the point that I can delay ejaculation for 20+ minutes and really control when I finish.

The brand you see above (Apcalis SX20) is generic Cialis. It’s made in India and costs a fraction of the real Cialis.

Is TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) Worth It?

To accurately answer this question, I need to set some criteria. It can’t just be something random like feeling better or more confident.

Up until now, I had not thought about this. My idea of TRT being worth it was very vague, something like …

  • I feel better, or more confident
  • Putting on (more) muscle easier
  • Higher sex drive on TRT

These are all very vague benchmarks that can fluctuate from day to day.

If I were to use those criteria, it could be that TRT allows me to make great progress in (and outside) the gym, but I am simply not noticing the small changes.

It’s simply not realistic to expect changes that are so significant that they’re hard to overlook. Most likely, I’d miss the small but important changes if it weren’t for the tracking.

Tracking is also important to keep motivation steady. Seeing small but consistent positive changes is was keeps me going.

That way I know every session, every meal makes a small difference and contributes a small percentage to the success puzzle.

  • Bodyweight (Daily / Weekly Average)
  • Bi-Weekly Pictures
  • Bi-Weekly Body Measurements (Arms / Belly)
  • Track Weights in Gym (Main Exercises)

Conclusion 1st Month on TRT

The fourth week on Testosterone Replacement Therapy is coming to an end and as such concludes my first month on TRT.

How do I feel about the experience so far?

I have mixed feelings. The problem with TRT is the same problem you’re facing in regards to low Testosterone.

Namely, gradual change.

Boiling Frog Metaphor

Your Testosterone levels decrease gradually over the years and you might never notice because the change is so gradual that you get used to it.

A 1% decrease compared to the previous year is gonna go unnoticed.

I feel the same in regards to Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Maybe I am feeling much, much better than before … but then again, it’s been 4 weeks and as such it’s hard to remember exactly how I felt at the beginning.

Feelings … energy … these are all very subjective and can fluctuate depending on a number of things. It’s not like body-weight which you can measure objectively and track changes.

If I had to take a guess, then I’d say I feel much better than right before I started the therapy. In the days/weeks before I got started I was super tired to the point that I couldn’t even leave the bed. A lot of rumination, short temper and negative thoughts.

In week 4 I felt some of it coming back, but in the weeks prior it was pretty much gone. Only objective way to measure results would be via my performance in the gym, e.g. if I am getting stronger.

NEW PR: Bought Apcalis today, then hit the gym for chest & triceps. Last set of chest workout I did 4 reps of dumbbell press with 70 pounds (31.75KG) – that’s a new record.

TRT Week #5

Felt very good today (Saturday; start of 5th week on TRT).

I’ve noticed that when sleep has been poor, TRT (and frankly, nothing really) makes a difference. I just feel shitty; that’s it.

However, when sleep has been good, I feel great – better than prior to TRT even when sleep had been good.


Had a shoulder session today and did 55 pounds for the last set of dumbbell presses. That’s almost 25KG whereas before I’d be floating around in the 16KG range – on a good day!

That’s a pretty significant increase – almost 50%.

In terms of calories, I am aiming for 3,000+ per day and try to eat as much clean food as possible to put on size. (Will be more streamlined once I am back at home, start using a scale and prepare meals at home.)


Increased desire to have sex with girls. Had a girl over yesterday and today I wanted one again. Not sure if higher energy equals higher sex drive, but it doesn’t really matter what’s causing it. Sex drive is a positive indicator.


Potassium, Magnesium & Salt. There have been a few days on which I felt tired but at the same time was unable to fall asleep. Overall, my legs and body felt very tense.

Then it occurred to me that I had little to no salt in the last few weeks. At least no salt that I’ve added to my meals.

Positive changes which I’ve noticed on a good day (all of which are easy to be overlooked):

  • Not really getting tired walking around. Before I’d get tired in my legs just from  walking around for a bit.
  • Positive thoughts. I am thinking just as much as before but it’s almost all positive thoughts.

Blood Test Results

NOTE: Unlike the previous test exactly 2 weeks ago, this test was NOT fastened and I had ejaculated just hours ago (also been to the gym right before test).

Previous test was fastened, and 2 days before no ejaculation.

Estradiol (E2) is optimal. I take 1/8 of Aromasin (that’s the brand name; the medication is called Exemestane which is an aromatase inhibitor) with each injection; which shows that I don’t aromatize much at all.

Aromatization is the process through which the body converts a percentage of Testosterone into Estrogen.

The doctor has suggested lowering the Testosterone dosage so I can drop Aromasin altogether. (Aromasin can negatively impact cholesterol levels so it’s always wise to keep dosage as low as possible.)

TRT Week 5 Estradiol

Prolactin is slightly elevated – ideal range would be 10-12.

However, this could be due to having ejaculated just hours prior to the blood test.

TRT Week 5 Prolactin

Testosterone at 904 ng/dL.

This is interesting as it was at 1251 during the previous test. I am not sure how that drop (almost 350 points) can be explained. Maybe because I wasn’t fastened and had sex a few hours ago?

TRT Week 5 Testosterone

Anyway, that number (904) urged me to review blood tests of previous years. These are the results dating back to 2013 (and 2017) …

Hormones Blood Test

… made me wonder if working out too much and eating to few calories is causing the hormonal issues?

After 5 weeks on TRT, I feel higher energy, am noticing weights going up in the gym – but at the same time I have also drastically cut down workout frequency, volume and eaten at a solid calorie surplus.

TRT Week #6: Stopping TRT (Temporarily)

A few months ago, I was able to achieve similar testosterone levels (800-900) with Clomid alone. The issue was that despite high testosterone, I didn’t feel any better.

Now, I suspect that it was due to over-training (and under-eating) back then.

I’ve decided to give the Clomid (SERM) protocol another go.

Only this time the doctor recommended we use Tamoxifen instead of Clomid (Clomifene/Clomiphene).

Tamoxifen Nolvadex Tablets 20mg


  • HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin)
  • Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)
  • Aromasin (Estrogen blocker)

Also, while I am changing the protocol, I take 2 week off working out and 3 weeks thereafter only super-light sets to increase blood flood to the muscles – to see how the additional recovery time changes things.

After 2 and 4 weeks, I will get blood tests done and assess if this protocol produces the same benefits as TRT.

How To Prepare HCG

In the video below, I am showing you how to mix the Sodium Chloride with the HCG powder.

Pretty straight-forward, the only thing to keep in mind is to NOT shake the HCG after mixing – just roll it until the powder is completely dissolved.

The label of the vial indicated that the expiration date of the HCG powder had already been surpassed a year ago.

I asked the doctor about this – he said there are no risk associated with the expiration date, however, the potency might be reduced.

Why the doctor (TRT clinic) would even hand out an expired HCG vial is unclear to me.

TRT Week #7: SERM (Tamoxifen) + HCG

Starting the second week off Testosterone and honestly, I feel just as good.


That’s the highest bodyweight I’ve had in the last 2 years. Most of the time, I’ve been hovering around 74KG.

Sleep is great; on some days I am full of energy and work focused for 10+ hours, meaning I get a lot of work done.

So far, I am still under the assumption that the real issue never was Testosterone but over-training and insufficient calorie intake.

Next week, I will get a blood test done to see if hormones recovered better after 2 weeks off working out and eating at a caloric surplus.

Here’s what my HCG injection looks like (EOD = Every other day).

HCG Injection

The blood test results are in!

… and the results are somewhat consistent with the previous Clomid treatment. Estradiol (E2) went up as expected – the only surprise is the relatively low Testosterone level.

It’s important to note that in absolute terms, my Testosterone level (641) is just fine.

When I say ‘relatively low‘, I am refering to a previous Clomid + HCG treament during which my T levels were hovering at around 1020.

However, this time I didn’t get LH (Luteinising Hormone) tested, so perhaps it’s not being stimulated as much.

Blood Test Lab TRT

TRT Week #8: SERM (Tamoxifen) + HCG

After forwarding last weeks’ blood test result to my TRT doctor, he added the Aromasin to my protocol.

Specifically, 1/8th of an Aromasin tablet twice per week (Tuesday/Friday).

“You seem to respond well to the HCG and produce good level of testosterone, however, your estradiol level crept up a little.”

The purpose of taking Aromasin is to control Estrogen; in my case, to lower E2 a bit and keep it in check.

Aromasin Exemestane Tablet

You never want to kill or crush Estrogen (unless you’re in an emergency).

Estrogen is not the enemy many (especially in the bodybuilding/anabolism steroid community) make it out to be.

It’s important to keep Estrogen within a healthy range – too low is just as bad as too high.

Of course, the optimal range for Estrogen (E2) levels is just that – a range. You consider how you feel (any negative side effects) in addition to looking at the blood test results.


TRT Week #9: SERM (Tamoxifen) + HCG

The SERM treatment is coming to an end.

I have about 1 week’s worth of supply left after which I will be off all medication.

Tamoxifen 10mg Aromasin SERM

Right now, I feel just as good as during TRT (Testosterone Enanthate 125mg per week).

This confirms what I had thought all along: that the reason I felt (or had) low Testosterone (symptoms) was overtraining and undereating.

The treatment for the last 2 months was $882 USD.

That’s not cheap, but I saw no other alternative. The symptoms I had experienced at the beginning made me think I needed to inject Testosterone – and honestly, NOTHING could have changed my opinion other than actually injecting Testosterone.

Now I have done that; know what it feels like and does to my body.

If the investment of $882 USD lead to the insight that I was overtraining/undereating, then it was worth it. I would not have found out otherwise. If you had told me, I would not have believed you.

Lastly, a word about blood tests.

Are Blood Lab Test Useless?

Hormone levels vary depend on the time of the day and a number of other factors. I had taken Testosterone tests 1 day apart and the results were very different. (~320 VS. 580)

I was wondering if blood test are worth it at all.

Looking back at all of the blood test of 2018 (over 10) and prior, I have concluded that they were worth the money.

However, NOT for getting to know absolute numbers but rather tendencies.

I have learned that Estrogen (E2) is my main issue and that it needs to be kept in check – regardless of whether I am on Hormone Replacement Therapy or not.

Knowing this, I have added the following to my daily supplement regimen:

  • 25mg Elemental Zinc
  • 100mg DIM (Diindolylmethane)

Those are the main over the counter supplements which help to balance Estrogen and/or reduce Aromatization.

Some studies say DIM (Diindolylmethane) reduces androgen receptors but I am willing to take that risk.

TRT Week #10: SERM (Tamoxifen) + HCG

Yesterday, I have done the last HCG injection and next week the Tamoxifen supply will end.

As of today, I haven’t noticed a decrease in energy, productivity or well-being.

So far, so good.

Daily Supplements

I am only supplementing with what I REALLY need. Based on 10+ blood tests over the last few years, I know that my Estrogen (E2) is elevated.

Zinc and DIM are meant to keep Estrogen in check.

The Vitamin C I am supplementing comes from natural sources (Acerola Cherry, Rose Hip). Ascorbic Acid is NOT the same as Vitamin C!

Daily Supplement Protocol

My current supplement protocol consist of the following:

  • 25mg Elemental Zinc
  • 100mg DIM (Diindolylmethane)
  • Multivitamin
  • 200mg Vitamin C
  • 1g Omega 3 (400mg EPA, 300mg DHA)
  • 200mcg Vitamin K2 MK-7

Costs of the entire protocol? $1.04 USD per day.

UPDATE: I have just ordered Vitamin K2 MK-7 and will add 200mcg per day to this protocol.

TRT Week #11: Off Everything

It’s difficult to know which changes are due to other factors (environment, etc.) and which are somewhat related to hormonal changes.

However, here’s what I have observed thus far.

I need more caffeine to stay focused. Prior to TRT, I needed to consume over 200mg of caffeine to stay positive, focused and motivated.

At some point, even that stopped working.

Once I had started injecting Testosterone, I felt that I didn’t even want more than a tiny bit of coffee/caffeine and that was enough. Now I am back to needing lots of caffeine and it doesn’t even work that well anymore.

TRT Week #12: Off Everything + Ashwagandha

The biggest change I’ve noticed this week was the increased gym performance. Weights have been going up significantly, which is a positive indicator!

I have also started using one new supplement and replaced my standard toothpaste. Why?

The supplement (Ashwagandha) helps the body adapt to stress and lowers cortisol, which in turn helps with testosterone production.

Does Fluoride Lower Testosterone?

Long-term exposure to fluoride has been shown to lower testosterone. – It makes sense; after all fluoride is a toxin and any toxin puts unnecessary stress on the body.

Switching to a toothpaste without fluoride is a step in the right direction. (NOTE: Fluoride is also contained in drinking water; I am using a reverse osmosis water filtration system already.)

Tribulus To Boost Libido/Increase Androgen Receptors

The final new addition to my supplement stack is Tribulus.

An interesting herb that doesn’t seem to increase testosterone but (supposedly) increases androgen receptors in the brain. Simply put, you feel as if you had more testosterone (libido, mental clarity, etc.)

I’ll see in a week from now if it really does work that well.

[LAST UPDATED February 18th, 2019]

[Since I’ve stopped TRT entirely, I will also discontinue the weekly entries. My supplement stack (as outlined above) will not change much over the next few weeks/months. Should there be any noteworthy changes, I will post an update here.]