TRT & Testosterone Booster – THE FINAL CHAPTER?

If you are new here, start by reading PART 1 – How and why I got started with TRT.

UPDATE: 2 Months Later

It’s been more than 8 weeks since the last HCG/tamoxifen dosage. Today, I have gotten another blood test done. Here are the results.

I have noticed that in the last few weeks, I have drifted back into old patterns. Increased rumination. Caffeine doesn’t work as well anymore. Gym workouts are lacking intensity or are skipped altogether.

In short, enough motivation to get another lab test done. This time, under the following conditions:

  • No ejaculation/sex 2 days prior.
  • Alcohol 3 days prior
  • Caffeine about 6-7 hours prior

Estradiol is optimal. Nothing I need to improve here.

Estrogen E2

This part is interesting.

First off, SHBG is high and as such there’s room for improvement. Lowering SHBG leads to increased free testosterone (at least in theory).

Testosterone Blood Test 2019

TheĀ opposite of testosterone is not estrogen – it’s cortisol!

Besides lifestyle, other ways of lowering cortisol include the following:

  • Reducing caffeine/stimulant consumption
  • Vitamin C, Magnesium, Ashwagandha
  • Eating enough calories
  • Avoid working out too much

Also to be noted, my prolactin is way out of range.

DESPITE the fact that no ejaculation took place 2 days prior to the test, which makes me wonder how high prolactin would otherwise be!

Prolactin Levels

So, What NOW?

Blood tests are interesting to look at but what can I learn from the results? Should I change my lifestyle? Start taking certain supplements?

Here’s where it gets interesting …

What this blood test shows is that I have a lot of room for improvement:

  • SHBG is too high
  • Prolactin is too high
  • LH & FSH are both low

LH stimulates testosterone production. SHBG then ‘eats away’ much of that testosterone.

Knowing this, the game plan is to increase LH/FSH while lowering SHBG. There are drugs that help with this but I would like to test supplements first.

Animal STAK is a supplement which contains a number of testosterone boosting herbs. Some of these herbs work by increasing LH.

On top of that, I am also taking the following:

  • Vitamin C to lower cortisol
  • Boron to lower SHBG
  • L-dopa to lower prolactin (Included in Animal Stak)

Current Thoughts (After 1+ Year)

Over the course of the last 12 months, I’ve tested a fair number of compounds and given each enough time:

  • HCG
  • Clomid
  • Tamoxifen
  • Proviron (75mg per day)
  • ipamorelin
  • Danazol
  • Cabergolin
  • Aromasin
  • Various OTC supplements

I know what it’s like to have optimal testosterone, SHBG, E2 and free testosterone. I have experienced total testosterone of 1,200 ng/dl – as well as floating around in the 320 ng/dl territory.

I can’t say for sure whether or not changes of these hormones made a difference – definitively not a noticeable one.


There was a time when my total testosterone was at 320 ng/dl. I was dead-tired and unable to function or focus for more than an hour per day. At that time, I was working out too much, too often. I increased calories and cut down training volume/frequency. ISSUE RESOLVED

A few months later, I found myself in a similar situation. (See the very top of this article). Caffeine stopped working; I felt unable to motivate myself to do pretty much anything. I decided to travel to relocate to another city … and boom! That changed it all. In fact, I didn’t even need coffee anymore. I found myself naturally stimulated due to the new environment. ISSUE RESOLVED

Testosterone, TRT and optimizing my hormones hasn’t made a noticeable difference in regards to

  • Mood/Focus
  • Sex Drive
  • Erection Quality/Strength

Knowing this, why do I still spend money on natural testosterone boosters and structure my lifestyle to optimize hormones to the best of my ability?

Because higher testosterone (I’m oversimplifying it here) is better than lower testosterone.

That’s the premise. Whether or not it actually makes a difference in regrades to building muscle/losing fat and health overall – I have no idea.

In that regard, it’s comparable to a multivitamin. I don’t know if it makes any difference, but I am willing to take a gamble and spend $50 per month.

Last updated on May 25th, 2019.