e-Residency Estonia ID Card – Do You EVEN Need It? (Day-To-Day Operations)

You need an e-Residency ID card to set up your Estonian company. Once that is done, do you need your e-Residency ID card ever again?

Is it a necessity for day-to-day business activities or is the e-Residency card nothing more than a souvenir?

e-Residency Card

Well, everyone’s business situation and company setup is different.

Instead of giving a generic answer, I will share with you HOW and WHEN I use my e-Residency card; the specific situations in which I need it and some alternative solutions. Continue reading “e-Residency Estonia ID Card – Do You EVEN Need It? (Day-To-Day Operations)”

Xolo Review (Formerly LeapIN) – e-Residency Company Accounting

Almost exactly 2 years ago – namely in November of 2017 – I have done a review about the accounting service provider LeapIN.

Now, it’s time for an update to share my experience and cover recent changes.

Xolo Estonia

First off, LeapIN is now called Xolo. In addition to the name change and new design of their interface, there have been two noteworthy improvements. Continue reading “Xolo Review (Formerly LeapIN) – e-Residency Company Accounting”

Stripe & e-Residency Estonia Company [STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL]

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can use Stripe in combination with your Estonian company to sell products and services online.

Up until a few months ago, Stripe was not available in Estonia. Now it is available and as such, you have one more payment processor at your disposal for growing your online business.

Stripe Estonia Company

Most importantly, you can use Stripe as an alternative to PayPal and avoid high fees when selling online and whenever a currency conversion takes place. Continue reading “Stripe & e-Residency Estonia Company [STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL]”


Welcome to ForgeMastery!

On this page, I provide an overview in regards to the topics I cover, which include e-Residency Estonia, Online Business and Lifestyle Strategies.

If you have an (urgent) question, you can get a fast answer by joining the Estonian Company Blueprint.

e-Residency Estonia (Company)

Start to finish: How to set up your Estonian company via the e-Residency program, accounting, payment gateways and optimizing taxes. Continue reading “START HERE – OVERVIEW”

Magic Truffle Experience (Medium + High-Dosage) – The Ultimate Creativity Booster?

I’ve just ordered 30g of Magic Truffles from an online vendor. Supposedly, these are the strongest ones on offer.

Magic Truffles Online Vendor

My experience in regards to Magic Truffles is pretty much non-existent.

I’ve tried them once during a visit to Amsterdam but noticed absolutely no effects – even though I had taken the entire 10 grams on an empty stomach.

Nonetheless, I am willing to give Magic Truffles another try. Not only as a one-off experience but also a possible alcohol alternative (and perhaps a creativity/productivity tool).

The product description of both Magic Truffles – particularly in regards to their potency – got me pretty excited! Continue reading “Magic Truffle Experience (Medium + High-Dosage) – The Ultimate Creativity Booster?”