Landing Page: From ZERO Sales To Passive Income

You’ve just finished your landing page.

Perhaps you decided to set up an eCommerce store, or a simple page where you offer your digital product or membership area.

You’re excited to hit the publish button to make your site available to all those people surfing the web.

At long last, that very moment has come: You open the floodgates to receive the monetary reward for all your hard work.

You wait.

… and wait.

Nothing happens. No sales. Continue reading “Landing Page: From ZERO Sales To Passive Income”

Email Marketing – Common Myths & Utterly Useless Strategies

E-Mail Marketing Strategy

Now, I’ve had my fair share of email marketing campaigns that were complete & utter failures.

Literally zero sales that certain promotional emails generated – and while that might seem like a bad thing, it’s a necessary experience every Internet marketer has to go through.

You test, fail, adjust & succeed.

The testing part usually involves educating yourself. Reading what “experts” say you should do. The “proven” strategies. Continue reading “Email Marketing – Common Myths & Utterly Useless Strategies”

MailerLite Review – The Budget Email Marketing Provider?

MailerLite Email Review

MailerLite. What’s that?

It’s certainly not a name that comes up when talking about email marketing providers.

Up until a year ago, I hadn’t even heard of them – and the reason I signed up for their service wasn’t because I wanted to try something new either.

You see, I have been with AWeber & MailChimp before. Both worked just fine and MailChimp with their 2,000 subscriber free plan is even a great way to get started without spending a dime. Continue reading “MailerLite Review – The Budget Email Marketing Provider?”