Online Business Tutorial: 10 Minutes To Your Passive Income Stream

Today, I’ll show you how to start your online business in 10 minutes.

I’m not kidding – even if you have zero technical experience, you’ll find this tutorial easy to follow and in fact you can go through the steps while reading along.

If there’s one mistake that I see time and time again when it comes to making money online, creating an online business and income stream – then it’s not getting started.

It’s the worst mistake of all because you’re wasting time and realistically-speaking, you are also missing out on potential revenue.

Planning and thinking everything through has it’s place but this is the online world where you can buy a domain name for $10 and have your website, your online business up and running for $30/month – there’s not much you are risking, not much you can do wrong.

So, hopefully I’ve gotten my point across by now:

If you’ve ever thought about starting an online business,
get started right now
– DON’T delay it.

… and don’t worry – as I’ve said – I’ll make everything very beginner-friendly.

Part of setting up your online business involves 2 tiny investments that form the basis of your online presence: Hosting & Domain.

There’s no way around it & if you ask me, it’s not the place where you want to go for the cheapest option either.

  1. Hosting … the online storage where your website is saved.
  2. Domain … the name under which people will find your site.

Alright, let’s get started.

1. Choose A Hosting Package

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated … “hosting“.

Before selecting your domain name, you will need to select a hosting package.

Think of hosting as your space on the Internet where you can store your files. Say, you upload images or videos to your website, all of which needs to be stored somewhere.

I recommend you start with a professional hosting package right away – otherwise you’ll run into a lot of issues at a later stage when you receive more visitors or require certain security features to sell products on your website.

I recommend the WPEngine Personal plan – it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee & enough storage for all your images, videos and other files.

WPengine Personal Plan
WPengine Personal Plan

Should you need extra speed or more storage, you can upgrade at any time with a simple click …

Most importantly, WPengine offers 24/7 support, which – especially if you’re just starting out – justifies the higher price (compared to competitors).

WPengine Customer Support

The last thing you want is having trouble with your site, missing out on potential sales and dealing with an unreliable customer support.

Once you have your WPengine account, you simply log in and are able to contact support with any of your questions.

[ Activate Your Hosting Package Here! ]

2. Register YOUR Domain Name

The domain name is the name by which people will find you online. For example, is a domain name. “” is another example.

You can choose from any domain name that is available.

To see which names are available, click here & enter your desired domain name.

Register Domain Name

Realistically, you will have to try a few variations to find one that is still available. The domain name will then be your online brand name, the online property you own, so to speak.

Don’t worry too much about finding the “right” domain name.

A short, memorable domain name is a nice bonus, but it’s not essential to the success of your online business. I recommend you stick to the following:

  • Keep it as short as possible
  • Include a keyword (e.g. if you sell shoes, include “shoes”.)

Think about the most popular websites (Google, Yahoo, Reddit) – they all have random/weird domain names.

When it comes to choosing a domain name, I recommend to choose one with “.com” at the end – people are used to that domain ending & most other endings (think .biz, .net) look less than professional.

So, pick a domain name quickly and move on!

3. Set up Your Website

Okay, now you have everything you need … except if you go to the domain name you have just registered, you will notice that it’s just an empty page.

Now I will show you how you can set up your website in just a few clicks.

For this we are going to use a pre-made system called “WordPress“. WordPress is an entire website system that anyone can customize with just a few clicks.

It’s completely free & even used by big, well-known websites.

I use it myself! Follow along …

  1. Login to your WPengine User Portal.
  2. Click “Domains” from the column on the left side.
  3. Click the “Add Domain” button & add the domain name you’ve just bought.

Add Domain

That’s it. Easy, right?

All you need to do now is login to your website and change the URL to your domain name.

To do this, visit your and log in with your credentials. Then, go to Settings > General, make the changes and click “Save Changes”.

WordPress Settings
Change both URLs to YOUR domain name. Adjust site title & tagline, if you like.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes”!


4. Customize Your Site

First off – congratulations!

We’re done. Your website is live, people can visit you. You can fill it with content; do whatever you want.

At this stage, you can fine-tune the design of the website so that it fits your needs. Perhaps you want a banner in the sidebar or you need a contact form.

Inside your WordPress, click on Appearance to make changes to the design of your website. Menu points I’ve highlighted are safer for beginners – can’t do much damage there!

Really, from selling your own products to adding a member’s area – there’s nothing you can’t do. Showing the more advanced options goes beyond the scope of this brief tutorial.

5. Add Quality Content

The website is done, but the work has just begun.

Now it’s your turn. Think about what kind of content you want to have on your site. Perhaps articles so that people can find you/your business via search engines (Google, Bing).

Or a web-shop where you are selling your products and services.

Regardless of which path you choose, my recommendation would be to start generating quality content. If you provide free content (articles, video, podcasts), you will attract people to your site and can then make money from those visitors.

You can also set up an email optin to collect email leads right away.

Once again, unlimited options. I recommend you first think about what your business will be about.

Summary – Your Online Business

Time Required:

Less than 10 minutes – from buying your domain, hosting to getting your website up and running.


Crazy, huh?

Where else in the world can you start & run a real business that generates thousands of dollars per month in just a few minutes with a monthly overhead of less than $30?

The answer: Nowhere except online.

BONUS – Make Your WordPress Powerful

Don’t get me wrong, what I’ll show you now is merely a bonus to make your WordPress website even better – more secure and faster.

Within WordPress, you can install additional extensions (so-called “Plugins”) to enhance your site. To install a new plugin, go to “Plugins” in the menu, then search for the plugin of your choice.

WordPress Plugins

The WordPress plugins I use & recommend:

Wordfence – Similar to the Antivirus software on your computer, only for your website.

Contact Form 7 – This plugin allows you to add a contact form to your WordPress site – either on a separate page or within an article.

Yoast SEO – Alright, this one is a bit more advanced. In short, this plugin will make sure (when configured correctly) that your website ranks higher on search engines.