Make Money Online SCAMS – Part 1 – Common Sense

Today, I want to give you some pointers in regards to making money online. Specifically, in regards to courses or videos being offered online.

How do you know which are legitimate and which are based on  exaggerated claims? How do you know which are worth the money?

Fake Clickbank Screenshot
Don’t ever trust screenshots. This one took 10 seconds to make (same applies to PayPal screenshots, etc.)

First, let’s define ‘SCAM’.

The most common scenario I see isn’t a scam in the sense that you pay for something, but receive nothing in return.

It’s more so that exaggerated promises are being made which then lead to you spending money.

For example, I might say to you:

I am making $60,000 per month selling Kindle books.

Based on this claim (and perhaps fake screenshots), you might decide to buy my course.

If I never actually made that much from selling Kindle books, then I would consider this a scam.

The method taught might still work.

You might still be able to make $60,000 per month – but I got you to buy my course based on a lie.

How can you spot such a scam?

To be clear, unless you are the person selling the course, there is no way to know for sure.

However …

1. Actions VS. Words

The fastest, easiest way to get to the truth is look at what the person is doing.

Let’s say someone on his website or in a video is promoting a certain hosting or email marketing provider as THE BEST.

How do you know that’s their honest opinion?

Make Money Online Scam

You would simply go to his website and see which hosting provider that person is using himself.

If that person promotes Hosting Provider A as the best, but actually uses Hosting Provider B, then I would question the credibility of that person.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

2. Lifestyle Cues

This one is very common sense.

If I am making $250,000 per year – I am not going to stay in a shitty room in a Third World country.

And if I do, I have a problem with spending money and shouldn’t be trusted in the first place.


Here in my garage Lamborghini

THE REALITY (I’m exaggerating here, but you get the idea …)

Online Business Lifestyle

Just because someone doesn’t display his wealth, doesn’t mean his income claims are fabricated. There are people that are very successful (financially) but decide to live a modest lifestyle.

However, when there’s a significant mismatch between claimed income and lifestyle, that’s a reason to be suspicious.

By the way, I’ve had personal experience with this.

I’ve met people that have claimed to be making $250,000/year online but then I found out they broke and sharing a hotel room with a friend.

Faking A Luxury Lifestyle

Creating a fake luxury lifestyle isn’t difficult at all. Neither do you need to spend a lot of money.

You can rent luxury cars and villas (in the most exotic locations) for a few hundred USD per day.

Ferrari Rental

$1,000 per day might seem like a lot, but image you can shoot a bunch of videos that you know will generate a 10x ROI.

You could rent this baller pad in Thailand for $500 per night.

Then pretend it’s yours and just one of many properties you own … all made possible thanks to your online income.

Thailand Luxury Villa

This works because you instantly create the illusion that you have what people want.

People generally trust others that have already obtained the desired results.

Next time you see someone talk about ‘this big business opportunity’ while sitting in a Lamborghini or outside of a luxury villa …

Pause for a second and remind yourself that all of it might just be an illusion.

3. Spot The Cash-Cow

Cash-Cow meaning where most of the person’s money comes from.

Have you ever seen Jeff Bezos sell a course on how to start an online business?

Maybe that’s because he is busy growing his company, Amazon – one of the most successful online businesses in history. Wouldn’t you find it odd if he were to suddenly promote an online course?

Cashcow Online Business

By the same token …

If your business makes you $1 million annually, would you spend your time promoting a random affiliate product?

The only reason for you to do that would be if you didn’t actually make $1 million – and you realized that pushing the affiliate product generates more income than your actual business.

This is exactly what you see many people (aka Gurus) do.

‘Look at me. I am making so much money via Amazon FBA, but for whatever reason, I spend all my time NOT working on Amazon FBA but promoting an online course.’

It makes perfect sense.

The real cash-cow for many of those people is not their actual Amazon FBA business, it’s the commission they earn from promoting various Amazon FBA training programs.

Again, this is common sense.

Any sane business person invests their time in those things which will yield the highest ROI. If I am running a highly successful online business, I spend my time scaling that business.

If asked …

Why do you promote this course all the time if you are making so much money from your business already?

You’ll get a well-crafted answer excuse …

Because at this point, it’s not about the money anymore. I want YOU to be successful as well. I want to help people. That’s my mission.

So, let’s take action. Invest in the course.

And most importantly …

Generate me that $1,997 commission.

Am I Being Negative?

  • Almost no email marketing providers …
  • Almost no ecommerce platforms …
  • Almost no hosting providers …

… allow for any content related to making money online.

Why do you think that is?

Answer A: Because most make money online content is a scam.

Answer B: Because they don’t want people to make money online and be successful.