MailerLite Review – The Budget Email Marketing Provider?

MailerLite Email Review

MailerLite. What’s that?

It’s certainly not a name that comes up when talking about email marketing providers.

Up until a year ago, I hadn’t even heard of them – and the reason I signed up for their service wasn’t because I wanted to try something new either.

You see, I have been with AWeber & MailChimp before. Both worked just fine and MailChimp with their 2,000 subscriber free plan is even a great way to get started without spending a dime.

However, both email marketing providers are very pricey & I didn’t see how the high price was justified. Oh, and I forgot to mention … MailChimp decided to disable my account.

I had to find an alternative quickly to continue collecting email leads and send out messages to my subscribers. [Tip: If you’re wondering why email marketing is still super relevant today, read this!]

MailerLite – First Impressions

Clean. Lightweight. Minimalistic.

That’s what came to mind when I first logged in to MailerLite.

MailerLite Dashboard
MailerLite Dashboard – What you see after login. Everything’s very intuitive.

MailerLite only counts unique subscribers – you don’t have to pay for subscribers that are part of multiple groups.

MailerLite Subscriber Management
Subscriber Management – You can rename, split, delete & merge each of the groups.

Above, you see the subscriber groups for one of my online businesses. Let me explain …

MAIN FUNNEL – Anyone that subscribes to the newsletter is automatically part of that group. I have a pre-written autoresponder sequence that is 6+ weeks long where every few days an email with valuable content is dispatched. To filter out inactive/fake optins, I have set up a trigger that automatically unsubscribes the person if the first email is not opened within 24 hours.

BONUS_VIDS – Once the subscriber has gone through the autoresponder sequence (and hasn’t unsubscribed in the meantime), he is then transferred to this group. This group is another autoresponder sequence that is simply more targeted.

[Disregard the subscriber numbers in the screenshot above – they don’t add up because I have created the new “MAIN FUNNEL” only recently …]

MailerLite – Cons (Personal Dislikes)

Most reviews will start by telling you how great everything is – I’ll first tell you what I don’t like about MailerLite, then I’ll explain why I still think it’s great & use it myself.

Affiliate Marketing – Including affiliate links in your emails is not allowed & will get your account terminated. AWeber would be the alternative, it’s one of the few email marketing providers were you can run affiliate promotions. (However, it’s more than double the price of MailerLite).

The workaround is to set up a separate landing page with your affiliate links and send people to that page first. This works just fine, but it’s additional work.

Limited Integration & Features – SInce MailerLite is pretty new, it doesn’t offer all of the features & integrations (think, WordPress page builder) that you’d get with other email marketing providers.

Whether that’s really a disadvantage will depend on your specific needs – the features & integration options you require …

MailerLite – Pros (What I Like)

Cheap. Well, what’s cheap anyway? I should say cheap-er … than most competitors. To give you an idea, MailerLite’s plan for 5,000 subscribers is $20/month, MailChimp charges $50 for the same amount of email subscribers.

MailerLite Free Plan
MailerLite Free Plan – Great way to get started, risk-free.
MailerLite Pricing
MailerLite Pricing in one word: Cheap. Even cheaper if you pay annually. I personally never pay annually because I feel it’s too risky – imagine for whatever reason you need to switch to another provider or your account gets terminated. There’s no refund.

Easy to use. The email/template builder is very intuitive to use.

Not much else to say, other than those are the elements that you can insert into an email:

MailerLite Email Builder
MailerLite Email Builder – To be honest, the only elements I use on a regular basis are text, image & video. The countdown timer I use for occasional promotions (e.g. 24 hour discount) to create a sense of urgency.

4 Different Campaign Types … In case you fancy some experimentation.

Most of the time, I only use the regular campaigns. I’ve tested A/B Split Campaigns – there wasn’t much of a difference in terms of open/click rates.

People that like your stuff will open & click regardless of which font size, headline or design you use …

That being said, such an A/B Split Campaign can be a great way of experimenting – especially if you have a large sample size (aka email list).

MailerLite Email Campaign
MailerLite Email Campaign

MailerLite Summary

You want me to tell you if MailerLite is right for you? That’s an impossible task.

I use MailerLite myself but whether or not it’s right for you will depend on your budget, business niche and which features you need. (I’ve talked about these Email Marketing Tips here.)

Most likely you will not stick with the first email marketing provider that you pick anyway – meaning the lesson here is to not waste time and get started quickly.

MailerLite offers a free plan … so there’s your chance to test it right now without paying a cent.