Magic Truffle Experience (Medium + High-Dosage) – The Ultimate Creativity Booster?

I’ve just ordered 30g of Magic Truffles from an online vendor. Supposedly, these are the strongest ones on offer.

Magic Truffles Online Vendor

My experience in regards to Magic Truffles is pretty much non-existent.

I’ve tried them once during a visit to Amsterdam but noticed absolutely no effects – even though I had taken the entire 10 grams on an empty stomach.

Nonetheless, I am willing to give Magic Truffles another try. Not only as a one-off experience but also a possible alcohol alternative (and perhaps a creativity/productivity tool).

The product description of both Magic Truffles – particularly in regards to their potency – got me pretty excited!

Magic Truffles Hollandia

Magic Truffles Utopia

… and then of course the positive reviews, or rather, trip reports.

Magic Truffles Trip Report

Some of these trip reports seem too good to be true:

Magic Mushroom Reddit Trip

However, I knew that I needed to keep my expectations in check. I’ve tried 1P-LSD, Phenibut & Kratom … and didn’t find them to be particularly strong or their effects worthwhile.

Add to that the fact that I’ve tried Magic Truffles 3 years ago, felt no effects and … yeah, that’s why I went straight to ordering the strongest possible ones.

Magic Truffles HAVE ARRIVED!

Here they are – finally! I recall I was about to sit down to have breakfast (after a 16h fast) when the delivery arrived.

Magic Truffles Delivery

I was a bit hesitant when at first – not knowing what to expect. Would I freak out or not notice anything at all? Here are my notes from the experience:

Magic Truffles Experience

The sensations I have experienced were similar to those of a low dose (100mg) of 1P-LSD. This makes me wonder if the higher dosage of magic truffles is just the same.

That’s the power of self experimentation. Until you experiment yourself, you don’t know much.

You can research, read about other peoples’ experiences on Reddit – but it’s only once you eat those truffles that you obtain the real valuable information on how they work on/for YOU.

2nd Test: 15 grams of Magic Truffles

The first time consuming Magic Truffles wasn’t so much for fun or to be tripping – it was to test my reaction to them. It’s something that should always be done when testing new compounds.

Consuming the lowest possible dose to test your reaction, see how you respond and prepare yourself for the ACTUAL dose later on. Also takes away some of the anxiety.

Here’s what happened – documented with timestamps as detailed as I found it to be possible during the experience.

Starting with 10g Hollandia Truffles

  • 7.35 PM – 10g Hollandia Truffles // 3hrs since last meal // caffeine 5+ hrs ago // chewing truffles for 3 minutes
  • 20 mins – nothing so far
  • 30 mins – nothing so far
  • 50 mins – nothing; just very mild physical sensations (could be placebo)
  • 1h 20min – nothing; same as above
  • 1h 40min – same as above // decided to eat remainder of ~6g Hollandia + 6g Utopia (chewed well then swallowed). This goes against what EVERYONE online seems to say – that re-dosing doesn’t work!
  • 2hrs 05 min – nothing just very minor stomach upset


I don’t recall when stronger effects started kicking in.

What happened over the course of the next 3-4 hours is difficult to describe with words.

Maybe one way to describe it would be to say that on an average day, most of my thoughts are repetitive and when the truffles kicked in it was mostly new thoughts and ideas and questions that came up.

Just lying in bed staring at the ceiling – sometimes with open, sometimes with closes eyes – was enjoyable and stimulating enough. Just letting my mind drift and not forcing thoughts to go in any particular direction.

In the midst of the experience, I decided to message my buddy.

The following message was interesting because it’s something odd I’ve noticed. Specifically, that most of the effects (the actual tripping) go almost unnoticed when I am not completely still.

I would lie in bed and feel the effects at full force. The moment I am moving, it’s all gone.


  • Some of the insights I’ve had during the trip seemed really profound at the time, but insignificant some much afterwards.
  • If I try it again, I might just do a very high dosage (30g) at once as a one-off experience and that’s it.
  • Given that I need to consume a high dosage to experience a decent trip, it’s not really an alternative for alcohol or drinking as it would be too expensive.
  • Really hard to just experience the trip because of all the trip reports of ‘what it’s supposed to be like’ and any time I was experiencing something, I asked myself if it was that which I had read about – instead of simply experiencing as it happened.
  • Also, my mind tried to constantly conceptualize and describe with words what I was experiencing instead of just letting things unfold. Kinda like when meditating and the mind is asking ‘ok is the mind still now?’ or ‘Am I thinking of nothing now?
  • In terms of ACTUAL, PRACTICAL insights … I can’t really think of much that I’ve gotten out of the trip. It all seems nice while tripping … like I want to help other people, or the realization that money is just an irrelevant concept created by society or that we really are just animals who have created all these things (housing, etc.) that make us think we are not as primitive as we are … all these thoughts and ideas and insights seem novel and profound at the time but are of little significance after the trip is over.

If I go by the trip levels of Magic Mushrooms, then my previous trip would have only been a LEVEL 2.

Magic Mushroom Trip Levels

What I am aiming for is at least Level 4 – anything less than that and I wouldn’t say the trip was worth the time and costs.

It would then be a nice change of how I feel, but not really excitingly powerful, or life-changing.

LEVEL 5 sounds crazy at first – but if you compare it regular dreaming, it starts to sound less crazy.

I mean … regular dreaming when we fall asleep. If you were to describe that process to someone who has never experienced it, even that seems unreal.

You lay down to take a nap, fall asleep and seconds later are in a different universe. Nobody would consider that to be a crazy experience, so I guess LEVEL 5 would fall into the same category – only difference being that one is aware of the experience as it is unfolding.

3rd Trip – 16g Utopia Magic Truffles

Not exactly cheap ($30 incl. shipping) but there’s no way around it. For this trip time, I had decided to go for the entire bag of truffles at once. The aim was to reach TRIP LEVEL 4.

It’s hard to describe which level I was at. Definitely more intense than the previous trip (which was rather light in comparison). Probably level 3 or 4 – particularly because I noticed when I put earphones on again, I started seeing visual patterns. Without the music, I didn’t see any visual patterns.

The real question …

How much would it take to get to level 4 or 5?

This is definitely something I want to finalize this year – trying to get to those final trip levels and then I can conclude my Magic Truffle experiment.

4th Trip – 20g Utopia Magic Truffles

Previous trip was more intense, but I felt like I was not there yet. For this trip, I have decided to up the dosage and also implement a few of these suggestions:

Magic Truffles Questions Insights

One issue I’ve noticed last time was that I have different thoughts (call them insights), but after the trip was over, all of them seemed odd or weird

I found myself not implementing or using any of those insights in a productive manner and simply going back to the status quo.

Also, I noticed I really only felt the trip (the effects) when I was completely still.

Knowing that, for this trip, I had the goal of not moving at all during the trip. I wanted to prepare a 5+ hour long music playlist and stay in bed during the entire experience.

How Did It Go?

After the trip was over, I forgot to capture my thoughts and write down notes. I am writing this trip report almost 2 months later.

I am not sure which dosage I had taken and can’t recall weather it was 2 full bags of Magic Truffles (which would’ve been over 30 grams).

Rather than taking the Truffles right after waking up, I decided to take them right before bed – particularly because I couldn’t fall asleep that night.

I had not eating any meals for 6+ hours prior.

I put on the movie Inception and waited for the come up …

Movie Inception Lucid Dreaming

The first hour or so, I felt a warm Kratom-like feeling. It was very comfortable to lie in bed and not move at all. Almost as if the Magic Truffles were hitting the opioid receptors.

Once I noticed that come up, I put on earplus and listened to music. The visuals weren’t as strong (no intensely bright colors).

The main insights I was able to recall was that I am very result-oriented. Whether that be making money online, fitness or any other area of life. What makes me move ahead is seeing tangible results, which means tracking is paramount.

Other than that insight and some visuals, it wasn’t a very powerful experience. I remember that at some point, I was sitting in front of the mirror, looking at my face for several minutes on end – literally focusing on different details of my face. It was enjoyable … it felt like 200mcg LSD in that regard.

A previous trip at a lower dosage was more powerful – perhaps because it was done right after waking up …

What’s Next?

I’ll give Magic Truffles another try – this time during a social event (birthday party). That way I will for the first time see how setting changes the entire drug experience.

5th Trip – 20g Utopia Magic Truffles

[ Updates will follow soon! ]