4 Lead Generation Strategies To GROW YOUR E-Mail List

I’ve talked about how most email marketing strategies you read about online are useless (for most people). One key ingredient of success in email marketing is knowing what NOT to do.

The other one is knowing WHAT to do which I will cover in this article.

The strategies I am presenting below, I am using myself – with great success! #1 will lead to the biggest increase in email subscribers, while #2 will attract very targeted leads.

You can easily implement all the strategies in less than 30 minutes. If you decide to only use one, I recommend you choose ‘The Aggressive Pop-Up‘.

1. The ‘Aggressive’ Pop-Up

If you’re not generating enough email optins (relative to the amount of traffic you received), it might just be that you’re taking a too conservative approach.

Maybe you are under the impression that the opt-in form belongs to the sidebar, perhaps at the end of an article.

I agree that pop-ups (and layovers) have a bad reputation (think pop-up ads/spam) but those times are gone. In today’s day and age, you MUST take an aggressive approach to be notice at all.

People’s attention spans are incredible short; most won’t even notice the opt-in form in the sidebar … you have to put it right in front of their face!

I’m using MailerLite; the popup is very easy to set up.

MailerLite Optin

I can decide where I want the popup to appear. Center, bottom or bottom-corner. I have always been using the regular centered popup.
MailerLite Popup Settings

In addition the the location, I can also adjust WHEN the popup appears. ‘X seconds‘ is the standard.

The option ‘Show before closing page‘ is more suited for product/sales pages. You don’t want to distract a potential customer, but once he is exiting anyway, you might as well show the popup to capture the email lead.

MailerLite Pop-up Settings

Email optin conversion rates vary greatly – depending on the niche and a range of other factors (design of optin form, location, etc.)

If you’re not currently using popup forms to capture email leads, I recommend you do so and then compare the conversion rate against the standard opt-in that you’re using.

MailerLite Conversion Rate

2. Inline Optin Form

Adding an opt-in form inside your article is another great way of growing your email list. This strategy won’t increase subscribers by the same magnitude as the popup form, but the quality of those leads will be very high.

Quality in this context means that the people that sign up are highly interested/potential customers.

To create such an inline optin form, inside my ConvertKit dashboard, I click on ‘+Create Form

Create Form ConvertKit

Then I change the form style to ‘inline‘. This settings makes it so that the form can be added above or below other content.

ConvertKit Form Inline

Lastly, I need to add the form to my website/blog.

I simply go to ‘Embed‘ and then select one of the 3 options to receive the code which I copy & paste.

Javascript, RAW HTML and WordPress – there is little to no difference between these 3 options. If you have the ConvertKit WordPress plugin installed, select ‘WordPress‘.

Otherwise just use either the Javascript or RAW HTML code.

ConvertKit Form Code Raw

3. Use Third-Party Tools

Did you know, any time you make a sale you can have the customer’s email automatically be added to your email list? The same applies to a number of other triggers: membership sign-ups, etc.

ConvertKit Integrations

I recommend you set up a separate email list for each integration; then you can deliver customized emails to each group. Read about the power of email segmentation!

4. Create Social Media Funnels

Lastly, social media is another heavily underutilized way of growing your email subscriber list. If you look at most people’s Instagram account or Facebook page, you’ll notice that all they do is add a link to their website/blog.

This of course drives visitors to their website, but this strategy is very efficient. Most will just visit once and leave – to never come back again.

A complete waste of potential, if you ask me!

Instead what I recommend is setting up a separate landing page for social media traffic. Visitors get to download some bonus item (PDF, videos …) in exchange for their email address.

To set this up, all you need are 2 things:

OR you could just use MailerLite, which is free for up to 1,000 subscribers and allows you to create unlimited landing pages. That way, you have email marketing & landing page combined.

Here’s how to create such a landing page.

MailerLite Landing Page

Now you can choose between 2 different approaches. Either create one landing page for all social media traffic, or separate ones.

In this case, I am setting up a dedicated MailerLite landing page for all visitors who are referred via my Instagram account.

MailerLite Landing Page Settings

Select the email list to which the optins should be added to.

MailerLite Subscriber Groups

The nice thing about MailerLite is that it comes with almost a dozen landing page templates. Instead of paying for additional software, I simply select a template and customize it.

In most cases, changing the headline, subtitle & image is sufficient. No need to spend hours customizing colors, etc.

MailerLite Landingpage Templates

Customization takes a few minutes only.

Mailer Lite Landing Page Settings

That’s it!

The landing page is now live under the displayed URL. That URL can be added to the Instagram profile, Facebook page, etc.

MailerLite Settings

If I were to create a separate optin landing page for each social media account, I would follow the steps above, then simply copy the existing landing page and customize it.

MailerLite Duplicate Form

If you combine all 4 strategies, you will see a dramatic increase in email subscribers. Obviously, the popup form will generate the most leads, so if you only implement one strategy, it better be this one.

The email service providers mentioned in this article (which I use on this site as well) are MailerLite and ConvertKit. ConverKit is a more advanced solution, whereas MailerLite is definitely a good choice for the start (since they offer a free plan).

If you’re not really sure what email marketing is or why it’s important, I recommend you read the following articles: