FollowLiker Review & Tutorial – How To Gain 600+ Instagram Followers/Day

FollowLiker Gain Instagram Followers

If you’re anything like me, you understand that time is money.

Perhaps you run multiple businesses and managing all your Instagram accounts would be a full-time job.

In short, there’s no way around automating the entire process.

Enter FollowLiker – the all-in-one solution for automating your Instagram account. Here are some of the tasks the software will execute for you:

  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Send Direct Messages (DM)
  • Post Pictures/Videos

… and a lot more.

Basically anything you would otherwise do manually on your IG account, Follow Liker will do for you.

Once the bot is installed and you’ve used the correct FollowLiker settings, this tool will grow your Instagram account 24/7.

This article is meant to be a combination of a FollowLiker Review & Tutorial where I first talk about what the software does (benefits, downsides) and then show you how to use/configure it for maximum impact.

FollowLiker Bot – What’s That?

If you do some research about Instagram automation tools, you’ll soon realize that there are no real alternatives.

There used to be a tool called Massplanner which offered extensive features similar to FollowLiker, but it has been discontinued.

Then there are a number of cloud-based IG automation services but all of them come with one or more of these downsides:

  • Monthly, recurring subscription fee
  • Limited Functionality … most can only follow or like

Not fully automated. Some tools will let you schedule posts but to approve a posting, you will have to connect the tool with your IG app account and manually click publish.

FollowLiker Benefits

One-Off Payment – You purchase your licence and are able to use the software indefinitely. No monthly recurring payments as is the case with almost every other Instagram tool.

Regular Updates – This is super important. Instagram is constantly tweaking their platform – to improve usability but also to keep up with people that use automation tools.

Any tool that isn’t regularly updated will likely stop working or get your IG account(s) banned.

100% Automation – You don’t need to manually approve posts (as is the case with other tools), or any other task. It’s all done by FollowLiker 24/7.

Multiple Accounts & Instances – You’re able to add as many IG accounts as the licence you purchase allows for.

The FollowLiker bot is fast and multi threaded. I usually run multiple instances of the tool at one once – one instance for follow/unfollowing, another for photo sharing & commenting.

Fine-Tune Delays – Time delays between certain tasks are part of the reason the tool works so well. Being able to randomize pauses, delays and automation times makes the software indistinguishable from a real human user.

Instagram has no other option but to let the tool do it’s job because it doesn’t know better – it think’s you’re manually using your IG account.

Proxy Support – Similar to the previous point, proxies will help you mask your real intentions and let you automate an unlimited number of IG accounts all while giving the appearance that every account is being accessed from a different IP address.

If you have no clue what a proxy is, continue here.

Track Progress & Stats – As you’ll see in the tutorial part below, for each of your accounts, you can access the “Account Statistics Manager” which will show you exactly what the tool did on any given day (followers gained, likes, comment, etc.)

Follow Liker Downsides

Alright, let’s address the cons of using Follow Liker.

There are some and before you make a purchase decision it’s important for you to consider if some of the downsides are a deal-breaker for you.

VPS Required – You can run FollowLiker on your own machine but in my opinion that’s not a viable long-term solution.

To get the mostout of the tool, it should run around the clock and the only way that’s going to happen is if you install it on a VPS.

That will require basic technical skills and the VPS itself isn’t free either. However, the VPS can be used for other purposes as well (e.g. other tools)

Not Cloud-Hosted – This can be a disadvantage (although very unlikely to be an actual problem). Imagine you install FollowLiker on a computer/VPS and that machine for whatever reason isn’t working = FollowLiker can’t do it’s job either.

When you use an online-based Instagram tool, you don’t have to worry about the technical side of things.

Advanced Settings – If you have the time & interest to play around with the various settings, you’ll appreciate the complexity of FollowLiker.

However, if you’re not tech-savy, adjusting everything to run smoothly can seem like an overwhelming task. In that sense, the bot isn’t really beginner-friendly.

Manually Fix Errors – FollowLiker is pretty powerful in that it allows you to adjust every little setting. If you don’t know what you’re doing or try to grow your account too quickly, IG will temporarily disable your account.

Now it’s your job to figure out why the tool isn’t working anymore by looking at the “Activity Logger” and/or referring to the manual.

The good news is that most error messages are pretty easy to fix – within a minute or two – and are caused by incorrect settings.

If you follow my tutorial below, you’ll minimize the chances of running into issues – but still, it’s a possibility that you’ll have to fix errors here and there.

FollowLiker Pricing

There are a number of different licences you can choose from – I decided to go for the unlimited licence so that I’ll be able to manage however many IG accounts I want (and potentially even add client’s accounts).

Follow Liker also allows you to automate Pinterest, Twitter & Tumblr so it’s best to ask yourself which of these platforms you’ll also want to use when thinking about which license to choose.

FollowLiker Instagram Pricing

How To Install FollowLiker?

Easy – you install it just like any other software.

After you’ve purchased a licence, you’ll receive a download link (plus license username and password) via email.

Then you’re able to download the FollowLiker setup file which you’ll execute.

FollowLiker License

Next step: Installing FollowLiker!

Select your VPS here, log in and start the FL setup file.

At the end of the installation, you’ll be asked to enter username and password. Both will be contained in the email which you’ve received previously.

Follow Liker Installation

Click next and you’re done!

Now you’re ready to continue with the tutorial part below and create a new project.

FollowLiker Tutorial

1. Create New Project

Before adding your Instagram account(s), you’ll have to create a new project & adjust the general settings.

General settings are applied to ALL accounts within FollowLiker.

Click “File – New Project …” – give it a name and hit save.

Then, go to “File – General – Settings …”

You will see the following menu. Adjust the settings to match those of the screenshot.

I recommend you set a limit of 2 accounts per proxy otherwise you’re more likely to get your Instagram account(s) flagged or terminated.

FollowLiker Global Settings

Make sure you adjust the automation interval to seconds and enable continuous automation!

2. Add Instagram Account

Alright, now it’s time to add your IG account and for that you right-click “New …”

FollowLiker Add Instagram Account

Add your username and login credentials. Unless you plan on using a proxy right away, you can leave the proxy field blank.

FollowLiker Settings

Click save and the newly added account will now show up in the program. Now we need to tell FollowLiker which tasks we want it to execute and in what manner.

3. FollowLiker Settings

To do this, we right-click on the account and select “Custom Settings … – Wizard …”

FollowLiker Wizard

Remember, FollowLiker can automate any Instagram task but for the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to start off with something easy: Gaining Followers.

To do this, we need to FollowLiker to do the following:

  • Find IG accounts based on our set criteria
  • Follow those accounts
  • Unfollow those account (ideally after they’ve already followed us back)


“Scrape User” tells the program which accounts to follow. Follow & Unfollow … well they’re self-explanatory …

Make sure to select “Shuffle tasks” so that task are executed randomly.

On the bottom, you also need to check “Show advanced options”.

Follow Unfollow Scrape User

We want to target people that are active on Instagram – NOT dormant accounts. That’s why we set the program to ignore private users and those accounts without a profile picture.


Which specific Instagram accounts should the program target? That’s what we define in this step.

Right-click somewhere in the white space -> New -> Select Query Type “Users Who Liked”.

Add an account of your choice using the following structure “@USERNAME”

Which Instagram accounts you add will depend on which niche/market you target.

The easiest option is to find a big Instagram account in your niche and simply target it’s followers. Let’s say you sell iPhone accessorizes.

With the settings below, the program will go after any user that has liked or commented on ANY of the photos posted on Apple’s official Instagram account (“@Apple”).


I recommend you simply copy my settings from the screenshot below. You can always adjust them later on – the important thing to keep in mind is that you want to set your limit very low and increase it as your Instagram account ages.

If you were to start following/unfollowing hundreds of accounts from day one, Instagram would be very suspicions of your account activity and most likely temporarily disable your account!


The unfollow settings are somewhat similar to the follow settings.

Set the daily limit slightly higher to ensure you never reach the maximum amount of users followed point.

Tick the “Blacklist unfollowed users” so the program doesn’t spin wheels and follow accounts that have already been unfollowed.


4. FollowLiker Automation Time

I’d like to tell you how important timing is … but really, it isn’t.

You can leave the default settings (program will run 24/7) or make it appear more natural by selecting a time range that would be within your waking hours.

… or simply select that certain tasks (e.g. share photo) are only executed on specific days.


5. Hit Start Button

Great – we’re done configuring FollowLiker!

All you have to do now is hit the start button and the program will start working.


Optimizing Your FollowLiker Settings

As I’ve mentioned previously, you want to raise your daily follow/unfollow limits gradually (+5-10 every few days).

To further optimize your settings, you’ll want to monitor the results on a regular basis. Simply right-click on your account and select “Statistics”.

This dashboard will show you how many followers you’ve gained each and every day. The numbers should be fairly consistent.


If you notice that you don’t gain any followers anymore – perhaps for a few days in a row, you need to have a look at the “Activity Log”.

This log will show you which tasks FollowLiker is executing at any given time.

It’s the only way you’ll ever find out if the tool has stopped working/run into an issue.

Activity Log Followliker

The most-likely issue you’ll run into is that Instagram requires you to verify your account.

This will be the case if you install FollowLiker on a computer from which you’ve never accessed your IG account.

To fix this, simply open Instagram via the browser, log in to your account and you’re good to go!

How To Automate Photo/Video Sharing

To active the photo/video sharing task, right-click on your IG account, select edit and tick the following checkbox.


In the settings, make adjustments as per your requirements. How many photos you post per day will depend on your niche/the market that you’re in.

Daily Share Limit = Total number of photos posted per day as defined by lower and upper limits.

For example, 1-3 would mean FollowLiker randomly posts between 1-3 pics every day.

Photo/Video Folder is the folder from which the photos should be taken.

The part on the bottom where I’ve added the comment “Will be randomized” contains the caption added to each posted photo. Again, the caption will be selected randomly.

If you want the photo posting to look more natural, add more captions the bot can randomly choose from …

Hashtags can also be added in this section. Simply use #HASHTAG


FollowLiker VPS

FollowLiker is a desktop application. As such, the program needs to run on your computer in order to execute the automation tasks.

If you want the program to work around the clock, you’ll have to let your machine up and running 24/7.

This isn’t a very practical, nor feasible solution.

I host FollowLiker on a VPS (=Virtual Private Server).

A VPS is like a virtual computer that you can access from anywhere. You can install programs, do anything just like on your own laptop/computer.

Using a VPS, you can install & configure FL once and then let it do the work forever. Fully-automated.

You can get your VPS for as little as $9 per month.


Besides, you can also install other automation tools on a VPS – don’t just limit yourself to using it for FollowLiker.

FollowLiker FAQs

Is the a FollowLiker free version available?

No, there’s no such things as a FollowLiker free version or demo that’s being offered. If you don’t feel comfortable giving the tool a try, I recommend you do a bit more research and read other peoples’ reviews.

How many pictures should I post per day?

This will depend on what niche you’re in. Look at your competitors’ accounts to see what their post frequency is.

I usually set the limit to 1-3 photos per day and get good results (likes, comments) with those settings.

Instagram blocked my account. What should I do now?

Have a look at the Activity Logger for the blocked account. If you’re lucky, you’re IG is only temporarily disabled.

Log in to your IG account using a browser, perform some activities (e.g. like, share), then reduce FL settings (fewer follows, unfollows) and continue.

The most common reason IG accounts get banned is because unfollow settings are too high = unfollowing too many accounts on a daily basis.