e-Residency Card Renewal / Expired Card – [STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL]

Today, I will show you how what to do if your e-Residency ID card is about to expire (or has expired already).

I have recently looked at mine and noticed that the expiration date is approaching quickly.

The official recommendation is that 2-3 months before expiration, you apply for a new e-Residency ID card.

e-Residency Card

If have have an Estonian company, renewing your e-Residency ID card qualifies as a business expense.

e-Residency Card Fee

This means you can pay for the related fees (the state fee, and the costs of picking up the card at the embassy) with your company credit or debit card.

Previously, I have explained how I barely use my e-Residency ID card more than 5 times per year (if at all), still, you want to err on the side of caution and renew your ID card well ahead of time.

First off, the expiration date is listed on the front of the card.

A few years ago, e-Residency cards had a 2 year validity, nowadays, they are good for 5 years, which is great.

e-Residency ID Card Expiration Date

In previous videos, I have covered the process of applying for and obtaining your e-Residency ID card.

For renewing your card, this process is very similar – the only difference is that you select a different type of application: Expiry of Document

e-Residency ID Expiration

The rest of the application is self-explanatory. The Estonian PIN can be found on your current e-Residency ID card.

Estonian Personal Identification Code

Some additional FAQs in regards to renewing your expired e-Residency ID card can be found here; the official application page is here.

Additional e-Residency Info