e-Residency Estonia for Tunisia & Saudi Arabia [UPDATED 2019]

I live in Tunisia/Saudi Arabia … can I join e-Residency?
I want to start Amazon FBA … what do you recommend?

Recently, I have been getting a lot of requests from people of Tunisia and Saudi Arabia (in particular) in regards to starting their online business via e-Residency Estonia.

e-Residency Estonia Tunisia Saudi Arabia

Almost always, they’re interested in getting started with Amazon FBA and would like to know weather or not that’s a good idea, the costs and specifics of the setup.

Do I Recommend Amazon FBA?

First off, YOU CAN do Amazon FBA with your e-Residency business – the only thing to keep in mind is that certain accounting service providers (such as LeapIN) don’t accept Amazon FBA businesses (at the moment).

This means, you simply have to pick another provider.

Secondly, you have to ask yourself if starting a physical product business (which Amazon FBA is) is right for you …

Do you have prior experience?
Do you have the starting capital for Amazon FBA?
Do you have an existing online business?

Starting and selling a digital product or service costs next to nothing – getting started with a physical product, you will need to invest €2.000+ for product development, shipping to the warehouse, package design, possibly legal fees.

While you certainly can start Amazon FBA, I typically recommend people to start a digital business first, gain experience and build a customer base – then ADD to that a physical product (Amazon FBA) later on.

That way, you keep the risk low, know EXACTLY what your customers want and the chances of your business succeeding are significantly higher.

e-Residency & Amazon FBA

In regards to starting your Amazon FBA business, here are some must-read articles including strategies which I recommend you implement:

Why Amazon Alone Is NOT Enough

Why you absolutely must look beyond Amazon FBA if you want to succeed with your physical product. How to set up email marketing and double your profits (also see below).

Amazon FBA – How To Get Reviews

My in-depth guide on how to use email marketing to collect TONS of reviews and essentially crush your competition.

Amazon FBA Reviews

If you follow the strategies I’ve laid out, this is what your Amazon product review page will look like. Literally dozens of new reviews every single day.

Amazon Product Reviews

The screenshots you see above are from a coaching client’s Amazon FBA product.

When he came to me, he was getting 4-10 review per week.

I then laid out some specific strategies (including email marketing) and we were able to increase that number to 20-30 reviews per week!

e-Residency FAQs – Amazon FBA, LeapIN Accounting & LHV Bank Account

In this article, I cover alternative account service providers for e-Residency + Amazon FBA (and where to find them).

e-Residency Setup Costs

My experience (start to finish), including e-Residency setup costs and what you can expect to pay in monthly fees.

Estonia e-Residency Costs

Of course, the monthly costs will depend on your business model, the number of monthly transactions and a number of other factors.

Ready To Get Started

If you’re thinking about starting your e-Residency Amazon FBA business or simply have a question along the way, get in touch here.

You can also get in touch if you’d like to know which Amazon FBA course I recommend (and my coaching clients have used with great success to build $100k+/year online businesses).