You Can’t Build An Online Business Part-Time

I am not giving you one of these nonsense reasons as to why you are not succeeding with making money online.

Corporate Slave Rat Race
Trying to escape the rat race while working a full-time job is very, very difficult.

The reason you are not making money online is because your goals are too small. They are not motivating enough. You need to dream bigger and set goals that really inspire you!

What a bunch of nonsense.

Why You’re Still A 9-5 Slave

Today, I present you with my own theory as to why people fail with their online businesses.

This is based on working with hundreds of people one-on-one during my consultations, talking to friends who have given online entrepreneurship a try but failed eventually.

Are You Ready?

You’re failing because you are
NOT obsessing about it enough.

This probably sounds completely whack. Some esoteric, law of attraction theory.

It’s actually the complete opposite. Let me explain.

Usually, the root of the problem is that people don’t work on building their online business full-time. They treat it as a side hustle.

In theory, this seems plausible.

You can work a few hours after work each day and that will get you somewhere. It will take a bit longer, but you’ll reach your goals regardless.

The problem is, however, that when you work a job, that’s what you are focused on all day long. You are not thinking about your online business.

If you work on building your online business full-time, that’s typically what you think about all day long – even if you are not actively working. Creating an online income stream is still on your mind.

… and it’s this ‘obsessing‘ about online business that’s half the battle.

Obsession = Key To Success

Think about it, when do people tend to achieve something extraordinary – whether that’s positive or negative? It’s usually only when they’ve been obsession about it.

Thomas Edison Light Bulb Invention
Sounds cliché but to achieve anything worthwhile, you need perseverance. You will only persevere if you are obsessed enough.

The mistake a lot of people make is assuming only active work counts as actual work.

In other words, you work 3 hours on your online business per day.

Then you start thinking that you might as well get a full-time job as you can put in those 3 hours after work anyway.

Until you realize the discrepancy between theory and practice. You come home after work but don’t have the energy or focus to hustle for your online business.

Think Business = Work

For most of the day, I am not sitting in front of the computer working on my online business.

I might be on the way to the gym, doing groceries or eating at the food court. Yet, in my mind I am still thinking about my online business. It’s literally on my mind 24/7.

  • How can I increase profits?
  • What are some ways I can improve my current email autoresponder series?
  • Any additional income streams I could get started with?
  • How can I optimize my taxes and keep more of the money earned?

There’s the time I am in front of the computer (what people generally would consider work), then there’s the rest of the day during which I am doing something else but still (more or less) think about my online businesses.

It’s this ‘focusing on online business but not in front of computer’ part that most people overlook. They think only actual work counts.

When you look at it that way, building an online business is a full-time endeavour that you can’t possibly compress into a few hours per day.

Free Up Your Focus

If you want the highest odds of your online business succeeding, I recommend you go all in and focus on it full-time.

That doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in front of the computer 18 hours per day.

What it does mean is freeing up your focus and attention so obsessing about creating an online income becomes your status quo.

Online Business Idea

Some of my best business ideas I’ve had NOT while I was sitting in front of the computer, but rather while I was doing something not even related to business.

If my mind were to be occupied with a 9-5 job all day long, there’d be no room for having innovative ideas.