Amazon FBA Is The Easiest Online Business To Start! (6 Reasons)

There are many ways of making money and starting a business online. In fact, which path is right for you depends mostly on your prior experience.

If you’re starting from scratch, have no experience in online marketing and no coding skills … there’s one online business opportunity that trumps them all:

Amazon FBA

Each opportunity of building an online business comes with it’s own set of opportunities and drawback.

However, for a total beginner, Amazon FBA is a great choice for the following reasons.

#1 – You Are An Expert Already

Think about it.

Any new business you start online, chances are you will first have to spend weeks, if not months getting to know the customer. Their very wants and needs.

Amazon FBA Shipping

With Amazon, you have experienced the customer perspective already.

If you have ever ordered from Amazon, you know what it’s like to search for a product, click the buy button and eventually receive the delivery.

This is a huge advantage because you don’t need to spend time going through trial and error.

Compare that to starting any other online business for which you would have to test different marketing strategies to find out what the process looks like from the customer perspective.

#2 – Visitors Have Buying Intent

If you start a website, (most likely) people will find you via search engines looking for information. They have a question and want to find the respective answer.

Most of these website visitors are not thinking about buying a product or paying for a service – in fact, only a small percentage of them will consider a purchase.

The complete opposite is the case when it comes to Amazon. People go to Amazon because they have the intention of making a purchase.

They have their wallets ready and are looking for a specific product.

Shut Up Take My Money Meme

All you need to do is put that product in front of them.

You don’t need to convince them that they need that product because they have already made that decision when they decided to visit Amazon.

To sum up, the majority of people that visit Amazon do so with the intention of buying a product which is another reason for starting your business using the Amazon FBA model.

#3 – The Platform Is YOURS

Speaking of the Amazon platform …

There are millions of people with accounts on Amazon, all of which have either a bank account or credit card attached. Amazon is a trusted website and makes placing an order very, very easy.

You get to take advantage of that platform and all it’s benefits. People trust Amazon, so they trust your product.

Amazon Trusted

In fact, the majority of people shopping on Amazon assume that Amazon is selling all the products offered.

They don’t know that it’s individual sellers. This works in your advantage.

Compare that to selling products or services on your website. First of all, you need to take care of all the technical aspects. Security, payment processing, refunds.

Second of all, regardless of how reputable your business is, it will never be able to enjoy the level of trust customers associate with Amazon.

Higher trust means people are more likely to click that buy button.

#4 – Amazon Grows Your Business (Fully Automated)

Whenever people ask me if they should start an Amazon FBA business, a common objection I hear is,

‘It’s too late already. There are too many sellers on Amazon!’

Is this true? Is it too late already?

  • What is true is that there are more sellers on Amazon that ever before.
  • What’s also true is that there are more customers on Amazon than ever before.

Amazon is getting bigger and bigger, yet the number of people selling on there isn’t growing as fast. This means, you are in a better position that even years ago.

Amazon Long Term Growth

There is another advantage to this trend …

With your own business (outside of Amazon), you have to actively take measures to grow your business.

With Amazon FBA, all you have to do is establish your product/brand and as Amazon grows, your revenue goes up as well.

#5 РAmazon Is Location Independent

Despite the fact that you are selling physical products on Amazon, the entire business is location independent.

Amazon takes care of storing, handling and shipping your products.

You manage everything via the Amazon Seller Central dashboard. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting on the beach or in your home office.

Amazon Seller Central Dashboard

#6 – It’s Easy/No Tech Skills Required

If you don’t know how to set up a website, create a sales page and do email marketing, learning those skills can take months.

With Amazon FBA, there are only a few things you need to learn: product research, finding a vendor, creating your product page.

These are skills you can acquire in a matter of 1-2 weeks and you can have your business up and running quickly.

Plus, there are excellent training videos, which show you exactly how to go through each of the steps.