Estonian e-Residency Taxation! (How To Pay 0% Tax)

When it comes to operating an Estonian company via the e-Residency program, there’s some confusion in regards to corporate tax, or rather taxes overall.

I’ve repeatedly mentioned that you only pay taxes on distributed funds, not revenue/profit per se.

Of course, this brings up a legitimate question …

If taxation is just delayed, but eventually (once you distribute funds), you’re going to pay 20% tax anyway? – How is this better than the conventional tax model?

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Vitaly Uncensored GF Strikes CL Final – [ BEHIND THE MONEY MACHINE ]

Vitaly’s girlfriend just ran on the pitch during the UEFA Champions League final in Madrid.

While the average person probably assumes this was all just for fun or a dare – it got me thinking about their money making strategy.

That’s what it is.

If you strike at major sporting events over and over and over again – it’s a calculated publicity stunt – and we can only assume one that is well worth the potential risks. Continue reading “Vitaly Uncensored GF Strikes CL Final – [ BEHIND THE MONEY MACHINE ]”

Before YOU Start Testosterone – DO THIS FIRST! [UPDATED 2019]

First off, if you are thinking about TRT, I highly recommend you check out my TRT Diaries to see what my experience was like. The pros and cons and a very in-depth weekly recap.

No surprise here, the question I get ask the most:

Should I Start TRT?

This question is very general and I can’t possibly give an answer that is right for just about anyone.

Instead, I will give you my step-by-step strategy – exactly how I would approach this topic and structure my decision-making process. Continue reading “Before YOU Start Testosterone – DO THIS FIRST! [UPDATED 2019]”

TRT & Testosterone Booster – THE FINAL CHAPTER?

If you are new here, start by reading PART 1 – How and why I got started with TRT.

UPDATE: 2 Months Later

It’s been more than 8 weeks since the last HCG/tamoxifen dosage. Today, I have gotten another blood test done. Here are the results.

I have noticed that in the last few weeks, I have drifted back into old patterns. Increased rumination. Caffeine doesn’t work as well anymore. Gym workouts are lacking intensity or are skipped altogether.

In short, enough motivation to get another lab test done. This time, under the following conditions: Continue reading “TRT & Testosterone Booster – THE FINAL CHAPTER?”

LEI Code Estonia (REQUIRED For e-Residency Investing!) – STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL

LEI stands for Legal Entity Identifier.

If you want to invest via your Estonian company, you will first need to apply for this code.

Typically, the application for the LEI is done via your bank.

You’ll have to fill out and sign a few documents (using the DigiDoc card reader and your e-Residency card).

You simply open the DigiDoc client and import the documents which need to be signed. Continue reading “LEI Code Estonia (REQUIRED For e-Residency Investing!) – STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL”

e-Residency Estonian Company – INVESTING TUTORIAL 2019 [Stocks, ETFs)

If you plan on investing with your Estonian e-Residency company (which you definitely should), read this investing guide first to get an overview.

Next, you need to apply for a LEI code (required). Whether or not you also need to submit the W-8BEN-E form depends on the securities/ETFs which you wish to purchase. Continue reading “e-Residency Estonian Company – INVESTING TUTORIAL 2019 [Stocks, ETFs)”

e-Residency Company Investing [LHV Bank] + All Weather Portfolio!

Investing is important for any entrepreneur. Period.

It’s something I have procrastinated on for quite some time. In fact, several months …

What should I even invest in?
Is NOW the right time, or should I wait?
Should I save more before investing?

Does any of this sound familiar?

I think most people have these (or similar) questions on their mind and essentially push off investing – sometimes indefinitely. Continue reading “e-Residency Company Investing [LHV Bank] + All Weather Portfolio!”