e-Residency Estonia // Estonian Company TOOLBOX [5x Must Have!]

Setting up and operating an Estonian company is very inexpensive. There are no fixed costs other than renewing your e-Residency ID card every 2/5 years.

That being said, there are two things which you need in order to set up your Estonian company – plus, a few other tools that you would be silly not to use …

The two essentials (requirements) are the following:

  • Company E-Mail Address
  • Estonian Phone Number

During the process of setting up your Estonian company, you need a company email address and an Estonian phone number. Below, I’ll show you how to get both. Continue reading “e-Residency Estonia // Estonian Company TOOLBOX [5x Must Have!]”

e-Residency Estonian Company WITHOUT Bank Account – Here’s How …

It’s entirely possible to run an Estonian company/online business without owning a business bank account. I don’t recommend it, but it’s doable – in fact, very easily so.

If you are just starting out, you want to waste no time making money and accepting payments.

For such a situation – and particularly if your income isn’t more than $5,000 per month – the no bank account option is suited best.

A real bank account comes with deposit insurance, the ability to invest in ETFs and stocks … but if you’re just getting started, TransferWise and Revolut will do the trick. Continue reading “e-Residency Estonian Company WITHOUT Bank Account – Here’s How …”

Verify Text Message / Phone Number Online – FREE SERVICES DON’T WORK

If you want to maintain your privacy, or operate a location-independent online business where you travel a lot, then phone verification and dealing with confirmation codes can be a big hassle.

You want to sign up for Amazon AWS, or simply verify your WhatsApp – now you need a valid phone number to receive the text verification.

Google the search terms ‘receive SMS free online’ and you’ll find hundreds of sites that offer such a service for free. Continue reading “Verify Text Message / Phone Number Online – FREE SERVICES DON’T WORK”

e-Residency Estonia ID Card – Do You EVEN Need It? (Day-To-Day Operations)

You need an e-Residency ID card to set up your Estonian company. Once that is done, do you need your e-Residency ID card ever again?

Is it a necessity for day-to-day business activities or is the e-Residency card nothing more than a souvenir?

e-Residency Card

Well, everyone’s business situation and company setup is different.

Instead of giving a generic answer, I will share with you HOW and WHEN I use my e-Residency card; the specific situations in which I need it and some alternative solutions. Continue reading “e-Residency Estonia ID Card – Do You EVEN Need It? (Day-To-Day Operations)”

Xolo Review (Formerly LeapIN) – e-Residency Company Accounting

Almost exactly 2 years ago – namely in November of 2017 – I have done a review about the accounting service provider LeapIN.

Now, it’s time for an update to share my experience and cover recent changes.

Xolo Estonia

First off, LeapIN is now called Xolo. In addition to the name change and new design of their interface, there have been two noteworthy improvements. Continue reading “Xolo Review (Formerly LeapIN) – e-Residency Company Accounting”